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Faith Trolley Preschool FAQ

1. What ages do you enroll?
We care for and teach children ages 18 months to 5-years-old!

2. Do you provide before/after school care for school aged children?
Unfortunately, we do not.
However, we are happy to recommend our neighbors, the Boys & Girls Club of Santee.

3. Do you accept any child, regardless of sex or race?
Absolutely! We are open to any healthy child!
We readily accept and nurture children of any race, sex, or creed varying
between the ages of 18 months to 5 years of age!
Prior to admission, all children shall be immunized against disease
as required by the California code of regulations.

4. What if I don’t get my children immunized?
California State law requires that all children attending school be immunized
unless there is a medical reason that he or she can not be immunized.
Simply obtain a Doctor's note stating that your child is exempt from
immunization, we would gladly accept them at our Preschool facility!

5. Do I have to provide my child with a lunch, diapers/wipes, etc.?
Great question! Part of your tuition includes meals/snacks and wipes.
We ask parents to provide their own diapers for kids that aren’t potty trained.

6. What if I only need my child to attend school for a few hours?
We offer 1/2 day and 3/4 day options.

7. Are you just a day care, or do you provide a curriculum as well?
We are so glad you asked! We definitely provide an excellent curriculum for your child.
Each room prepares the children for the next room/level they will enter,
which will eventually prepare your child for kindergarten.
Each week, our teachers plan the next weeks curriculum,
which include activities to learn numbers, colors, ABC's, and shapes!
Your child also learns name recognition and eventually how to spell then write their names!
The Pre-K room also works on site words, reading, and simple math!
The two younger classrooms do fun themed art projects each day also!
The children are read stories, and they sing songs they already know,
while learning new songs as well! We have a different theme each month,
which you will see posted in your child’s classroom,
it will also be posted on our website each month!

8. What qualifications do your teachers have?
All of our teachers are CPR/First Aid certified!
Our lead teachers all have at least 12 ECE units,
and our assistant teachers have at least 6 ECE units!
All teachers have had training in how to provide a
positive and affirming learning environment for your children!
Our teachers are also required to provide fingerprints for background checks,
a thorough physical and a TB test before being considered for employment.
We take your child’s safety very seriously!

9. What is your teacher to child ratio?
For ages 6 weeks-2 years it is required to have a 1:4 ratio,
for 2 years-5 years a 1:12 ratio,
and for ages 5 years-12 years a 1:18 ratio.
For the safety of your children, our child to teacher ratio is less than required.

10. Do you potty train?
Yes! We start potty training in the 2-year-old room!
Our teachers are experienced in potty training and will work with your child.
We understand that each child is trained at a different speed,
and we will work at their pace and yours.
We like to make sure the teachers and parents are on the same page,
so we will communicate with you as we potty train your child.
We will let you know when we feel they are ready for underwear, and go from there!

11. What if I don’t need care for 5 days?
That’s OK! You can choose 2, 3 or 4 days.

12. I am a nurse and some weeks my work days might be different. Can I change my days? Unfortunately, no.
Your days need to be consistent each week,
but if you need an extra day and we have availability,
you can pay the extra day fee!
Call (619) 596-0390 to check for prices!